How to SBI Credit Card Apply

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How to SBI Credit Card Apply

SBI Credit Card is one of the services offered by SBI (State Bank of India) and is designed in such a way that customers enjoy hassle free transactions in SBI Online. This article shows the need to own an SBI credit card by explaining its types, features and benefits and will also indicate how to apply for an SBI credit card in a step by step process.

Varieties of SBI Credit Cards

SBI offers various credit cards to suit the needs of its customers and attract their attention. SBI has several credit cards that cater to all individuals whether you are a fresher (beginning of career) or a high net worth person.  Each SBI credit card has its own characteristics. If the credit card satisfies the customer’s requirement, the same may not be useful to the other person. Therefore, SBI has a wide range of different credit cards to cater to the needs of all its customers. SBI Credit Card can be classified into 3 groups according to its usage.

alt="Procedure to Apply Credit Card Online"SBI Credit Card Benefits

SBI Credit Card is a must for many individuals as it offers many benefits to its users. Many individuals prefer SBI credit cards for their distinctive features and wide range. Those who have basic income also opt for SBI credit card as it offers multiple rewards and discounts on almost all transactions. Check out the key features and benefits of using an SBI credit card.

SBI offers credit cards for anything and everything from individuals to corporate needs.

SBI calls when merchant is suspicious about receiving credit card payments to ensure secure transactions

SBI credit card holders can use their credit cards to withdraw cash from over 1 million ATMs worldwide.

SBI Credit Cardholders can convert all their purchases to EMIs

alt="Procedure to Apply Credit Card Online"Procedure to Apply Credit Card Online 

Customers can avail SBI Credit Card by applying online. It is very simple and easy for the user. The customer should visit the official website of SBI card i.e. This website shows the variation of SBI Credit Card from which the customer can choose the appropriate option for him. Customers can choose to travel related cards if they want to get travel rewards points or shopping cards. SBI Credit Card can be applied through online by following the steps given below.

Step1: Visit the official website of SBI Card

Step2: Select the desired card.

Step3: Click ‘Apply Now’ and the customer will be redirected to an e-application page

Step4: Fill all the basic details like name, contact number, address, business, email address, PAN, date of birth etc.

Step5: The customer will receive an OTP on the mobile number mentioned in the application form. Enter OTP to authenticate the application submitted by the applicant.

After completing this form, the applicant will be asked to submit their documents. An SBI official will arrive at the customer’s doorstep to collect the documents. If the applicant is eligible after verification of their documents, the SBI credit card will reach them within a few days.

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