HDFC Consumer Durable Loan Statement

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HDFC Consumer Durable Loan Statement

Meaning of Durable Loan

Consumer durable loans help you buy big and pay small. You can complete purchases today, that you have been putting off for tomorrow. As the name implies, it’s a loan that you take to finance the purchase of consumer durables like household appliances, personal devices and other common household goods. Typically, a consumer durable loan is given for the purchase of air-conditioners, TVs, home theater systems, washing machines, refrigerators, ovens, modular kitchens, laptops, cameras, mobile phones etc. With a consumer durable loan, the borrower can repay the cost of purchasing the equipment from six months to twenty-four months. Instead of waiting for months (or years) to save your favorite gadget / device, you can make your purchase today, and repay it in the coming months as a convenient EMI.

How to check HDFC loan status?

Customers can avail any service as their convenience to check their credit status. Customers can keep track of their application and stay more easily updated about the current status of their loan with options provided by HDFC Bank. With the extensive banking options offered by HDFC, it has enabled its customers to check the status of their HDFC loans in the following ways.

Through Net Banking (Online)

Through the HDFC Status Check Link (Online)

Through Offline Mode

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How much loan can you get?

The approved loan amount varies from one lender to another. Generally, most lenders offer consumer durable loans starting at Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 1.5 million. Some lenders require you to make a down-payment of 10 – 20% of the product price, while the loan covers the remaining cost. On the other hand, other lenders offer loans up to 100% of the price of the product. Note that most lenders have a minimum product price. Consumer durable loans are available only for purchases that exceed this minimum product price.


Salaried Individuals

Minimum age: 21 years

Maximum age: 60 years

Work experience: At least two years

Monthly income: Rs. 15,000 or more

businessmen/self-employed professionals

Minimum age: 21 years

Maximum age: 65 years

Work experience: At least two years

Annual income: Rs. 1.5 lakhs or more

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How to access loan statement

Please log in to “Access My Loan Account”. There is a lot of information and services available on this facility. The amortization schedule or repayment schedule is a complete table of periodic compounded debt payments, showing the amount of the principle and the amount of interest covering each payment (PMII / MI) so that the loan will be repaid at the end of its term. The repayment track record (book / loan statement) can be seen for each month along with details of repayment of loan for interest, principle and arrears principle, along with other details i.e. partial payment, other charges.

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Steps given below for choosing loan account statement

You can get the system generated Loan Account statement, for the same, simply log in to “Access My Loan Account” with your username and password.

You can send request through online request (write to us)

You can Personally Visit your nearest/ respective Branch

You can email us at through your registered email ID,or

You can send your request * through courier, Post or Bearer to the nearest / respective branch (* Please mention “Loan Account Statement” details on the top of the envelop.)

Note: – Mailing address will be updated within 15 days of receiving the request.

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