Best Banks for savings accounts India

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Best Banks for savings accounts India

A savings account is one of the basic needs today. This is equivalent to having a security box to store all your cash that only you have access to. Apart from the security possibility, we all explore the possibility of earning a fixed interest from our savings bank accounts and so it is wise to open one in a bank that can get you high returns and liquidity at the same time.

State Bank of India Savings Account

One of the largest network bank in India with maximum branches and ATMs across the country, SBI is one of the best bank for opening a savings account in India. Since it is a public sector bank, SBI allows account opening at zero annual fee or minimum balance requirement. When it comes to the various features and benefits of opening a savings account with SBI, we should know that they offer very good offers especially on purchases. So if you are a shopaholic and have basic banking requirements. SBI is the best option for opening a savings account.

alt="best banks for savings accounts india"



Axis Bank Savings Account

Talking about the private sector Indian banks, Axis Bank is one of the three largest banks in India. Headquartered in Mumbai, Axis Bank provides all types of banking services to customers, including deposits, various types of loans, savings accounts. It is a digital savings account that you can open anytime and anywhere in just three steps and it does not require verification of physical documents and hassle of maintaining minimum balance. The virtual debit card that comes with an Axis ASAP account is filled with a handful of benefits through deals, rewards and more.

ICICI Bank Savings Account

The bank provides innumerable banking products and services to various customers including corporate and retail customers. They provide various types of savings accounts to customers along with zero balance accounts. Hence, they provide 4% interest rate in all their savings accounts.

alt="best banks for savings accounts india"

HDFC Bank Savings Account

HDFC Bank has grown a lot over the years and they offer their customers a range of savings accounts options. Hence, they offer an interest rate of 4% on their savings accounts. Meanwhile Their various debit cards have numerous tailored offers for their customers as per their lifestyle and schedule. So that they have round the year discounts, miles, waivers and cashback and discount offers on their debit cards.

Citibank Savings Account

Citibank has an extensive worldwide network with its extensive network, seamless services and high-end customer base, Citibank has a suite of products, including credit cards, personal loans, City Gold account, City Priority account and banking account. Home loan, investment, insurance and city business account. So that they offer their customers a variety of savings account options with an interest rate of 4%. Originally their City Priority account is a very popular product and comes with International Citi Privilege and Citi Premier Miles Credit Card.



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